Based on the lessons learned from all segments of the SmartMOVE project, guidelines will be developed for policy makers at municipal, regional and national level.

The recommendations will be formed on the basis of the review of the existing situation, the results of all the analysis carried out during the project, the developed mobility plans and the newly structured methodology for monitoring of the impact of the mobility plan measures. Evaluation of the pilot test of the new sustainable mobility solution for commuting by dynamic group travel by van will also be revised. The recommendations will be developed by CER Partnership, drawing also on best legislative practices worldwide.

A number of multi-stakeholder consultations will be held with representatives of relevant ministries, employers and organisations working in the fields of spatial and mobility planning, in order to thoroughly explore solutions for the effective deployment of sustainable mobility within the Ljubljana Urban Region and beyond. The consultations will be open to other interested members of the public.

The aim of the strategic guidelines is their implementation in policies at different levels and for them to be taken into account in the process of upgrading of the Ljubljana Urban Region Integrated Transport Strategy and the preparation of the national transport strategy as well as to provide a legislative basis for the creation of an infrastructure that will enable interested individuals and businesses to choose sustainable transport modalities in their daily movements. A single document will be drawn up, also identifing competent promoters of each proposed solution. The guidelines will be presented to these promotors individually.