One of the key objectives of SmartMOVE is to introduce and promote sustainable mobility in companies and organisations. In order to empower employers and employees to take concrete action and to raise awareness of the importance and forms of sustainable mobility at corporate level, the SmartMOVE Sustainable Mobility Certificate will be developed within the project.

The certificate will be based on employee sustainable mobility management. The concept of the certificate will be built around a system of criteria to assess the state of the organisation’s current mobility structure and the effects of possible or implemented changes. The development of the SmartMOVE Sustainable Mobility Certificate methodology is the responsibility of a working group at the Knowledge Technologies Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute.

The certification is an important tool for the turn towards sustainable mobility and has great simbolic power. It provides the company with a tool to identify and position themselves as sustainable. SmartMOVE certification gives companies the status of a responsible company and allows them to highlight their commitment to a better tomorrow.

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    DS: Certifikat trajnostne mobilnosti SmartMOVE
    Avtor: Inštitut Jožefa Stefana
    September 2022