In the course of the SmartMOVE project five mobility plans will be developed for selected institutions, businesses or areas that generate heavy traffic in the capital or where sustainable mobility is particularly important for the area.

A mobility plan is a document that enables active accessibility management and optimisation of parking through the application of measures that promote sustainable mobility and raise the awareness of users, residents and employees in a positive way about the range of options and the effects of using different transport options for their work location.

The mobility plans will be formed for the selected subjects: University Medical Centre Ljubljana as the largest employer in Slovenia, the BTC shopping area, IKEA Slovenija, d.o.o. and Studio Moderna, d.o.o. and the area of the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park as a protected natural heritage site, lying at the brink of the largest urban area in Slovenia.

Each of the plans will take into account the specificities of each traffic hub and the needs and interests of staff and support staff. This requires an inclusive approach, a prior thorough analysis of needs and the conduction of surveys and consultations with focus groups and employer representatives. The final mobility plans take into account the specifics of each area and the specifics of each institution, following the principles of a holistic approach to mobility, a sustainable approach and mutual cooperation.